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Saiunkoku icons

These are not bases; they weren't cropped or created to have room for text, and I believe borders would ruin the organic nature of the colours and backgrounds, but if you feel like ruining them, I guess I can't stop you.

These are all from images taken from the covers of the Saiunkoku books; the original artwork was splendid, so just enhancing the colours is all I felt necessary to make these gorgeous (IMO, at least).

Credit NOT permitted.
Commenting is ok, however (but not required).

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D.Gray-man icons


D.Gray-man icons

Who wants some decent-quality images of Kikyou for iconing/whatever purposes? Here ya go.

And here's the icons: 4 of Rinali, 4 of Allen, and 2 of Kanda, who is very hot.


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Battlestar Galactica

Ten icons from the Season 3 promo shots for Battlestar Galactica. Most of the starring cast, all done in a similar style. I was going for starkly elegant with a military feel, so hopefully it worked. There's an alternate of Sharon, one with the trappings of the Galactica group, one with the more spare trappings of the Cylon [and sympathizer]. As always, help yourselves and enjoy!

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8 Firefly/River icons

A few Firefly icons for your viewing pleasure. They're all River-ish, with six of River, one of River's thigh and Mal, and one of River's brother's vest. Okay, so that last one is stretching it a bit, but who doesn't love Simon's vests?

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As always, help yourselves, just let me know where things go! Crediting is entirely up to you.


inuyasha_lims icons

I hate the Kagome one but I kinda like the others. The lotus one was esp. interesting to make, since I added the sparkles on the water, made the washed-out and low-contrast colours richer and more dimensional. Looks v. different from the cap we had to use.

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lims_bleach icons

First round: made it to the last week and lost.
Second round: made it to week 3 and lost. It was the Hanatarou icon wot done it; little bastard. Spanking time.

DO NOT CREDIT. Otherwise, enjoy.

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sga_lims icons

Once again, I made it to the last week but lost. Here are the icons that got me that far. Some of them are quite ugly, but in my defense, the caps we had to use were shitty.

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tutorial: fill layers in PS

This is a tutorial for Photoshop, later versions including 7 and CS. Basic knowledge of PS is expected in order to follow this tutorial. This is very image-heavy; dialup users are warned.

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Now that you have solid, gradient, and pattern layers, they work like any other layer. You can switch layer modes, use masks, or rasterize them to erase bits of them. The following icon was made using the three layers shown above, set to different modes, masked, etc.

I hope this tutorial will help you make the most of your digital art in Photoshop. If you make anything guided by this tutorial, I'd love to see it!


i am exhausted.

But, whee! More Bleach icons. So it was aaaaaall worth it.

ETA: I forgot Ukitake when I posted this last night, woe! So have edited the post to add him, poor lamb.

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that was... lims_bleach. yes.+ do not hotlink
+ enjoy



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